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CNET's Shareware.Com(Shareware Dispatch Wednesday, April 14, 1999)

Windows 95 may not be case-sensitive, but the same cannot be said of operating systems such as Linux or the various flavors of Unix. If you've ever transferred HTML files to a machine that distinguishes between upper and lower case, you know the frustration of having to change all the filenames to accommodate the differences in systems. Change Case is a timesaving utility that can automatically correct the case of filenames and folders automatically, eliminating the tedious task of renaming altogether. The tiny application lets you quickly select a group of files and change them all to lowercase, uppercase, capital case, or word-capital case. It supports drag-and-drop renaming from Windows Explorer, and can even work its magic on subfolders.

Lockergnome(04.03.1999 Weekly Digest)


Some users like their folders and filenames to contain nothing but lowercase letters; other users we want to see each character capitalized. And then there's the splitter group who wants only the first letters of a folder/filename capitalized. Well, no matter which of those groups you fall into, this utility will help. With the click of a button, you can change the case structure of all filenames/folders in any given directory (and subdirectories, too)! It's an open and shut case.


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