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Get "5 Stars Award" from 5, 2005)
5 Stars Rating

Get "5 Stars Rating" from Softsia(June 3, 2005)
5 Stars Rating

Get "Softempire Prince" title from SoftEmpire(July 16, 2004) "Softempire Prince" title

Get Rating 5 Award at BrotherSoft(September 30, 2003)

Offers an easy method for a user to select a color from acombo box based on a predefined color-set or to define a custom.

CNET ActiveX.Com's Top Pick(October 17, 2000)

Place checkboxes within a Visual Basic list box, using the CHECKLISTBOX ActiveX/VBX Control. Resembling the functionality found in Microsoft Word and Excel, the control lets you define and modify the font, color, and state of each item separately. Also supported is a 3D look, picture items, and custom checkmarks. The package includes samples written in Visual Basic 3.0 through 6.0. This release adds a MultiSelect property. Make a list and check it twice.

Super Shareware's 5 Stars Award(August 6, 1999)

Rated 5 star at Super Shareware !!!

We are pleased to notify you that your application CheckListBox ActiveX Control has been evaluated by our technical department, obtaining the highest possible mark: 5 stars.
As a recognition to the high quality of CheckListBox ActiveX Control and the great work carried out in its development, you have been granted our greatest prize (attached to this message).

CNET ActiveX.Com's Top Pick(March 3, 1998)

While the generous designers of Visual Basic remembered to give us both a list box control and a check box control, they forgot to give us a list box control that also lets users check individual items in the list.The CHECKLISTBOX ACTIVEX/VBX CONTROL contains two great controls in one, permitting users to check list box items as well as enabling your application to display individual items with their own colors, fonts, and pictures. The control is an ideal replacement for the conventional VB list box control.

SoftSeek.Com's Top Pick(April 8, 1998)

CheckListBox ActiveX/VBX gives you a list box control that contains check boxes. This control lets you create list boxes that allow users to check individual items in the list. Each item's font, color, enabled and checked state can be individually modified. The control supports picture items and custom check marks and can have a 3D look. Samples written in Visual Basic 3.0, 4.0 and 5.0 are included.


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