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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to save and restore the "recent fonts list"?
  2. How to clear "recent fonts list"?

  1. How to save and restore the "recent fonts list"?

    Q: I want to save the "recent font list" when my program exits and restore it when my program starts. How to do?

    A: You can use following code to save,
      For i = FontList1.RecentFontsCount - 1 To 0 Step -1
          SaveSetting "MyApp", "RFL", CStr(i), _
    You can also use following code to restore,
      For i = 0 To Font1.MaxRecentFontsCount - 1
        sFont = GetSetting("MyApp", "RFL", CStr(i), "")
        If sFont = "" Then Exit For
        FontList1.AddRecentFontName sFont

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  2. How to clear "recent fonts list"?

    Q: Is there a way to clear the "recent fonts list"?

    A: You can set MaxRecentFontsCount property to zero.

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