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Get "5 Stars Rating" from Softsia(June 3, 2005)
5 Stars Rating

Lockergnome(11.04.2000 Weekly Digest)

{Rudimentary hotkey manager} I've been giving some serious thought to changing the name of this newsletter from "Lockergnome" to "Keyboard Shortcut Daily." If you haven't noticed, I'm a fan of those simple timesavers. I even went out and got the Keyboard Shortcut poster. I have the "Live From Central Park" album, too. What's the point of pointing and clicking when you can cut your computer time in half with a few keystrokes? If you're not sure what secrets your alphanumeric input device can unlock, this easy-to-use mapper will help you define and change hotkeys assigned to the Desktop or Start menu. Type something new; using the mouse can be such a drag.

PCAnswers(October 13, 2000)

Remember the day when you finally decided to get your desktop organised? Remember how you lovingly assigned hotkey shortcuts to all your favourite programs in the hope that it would make you work more efficently? And then promptly forget all the hotkeys. Shortcut Map aims to stop this happening. It will help you to manage hotkeys assigned to shortcuts on the desktop or in the Start menu hierarchy. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple to change a hotkey or find one that is unused. Shortcut Map scan your computer and displays a list of all the hotkeys that are assigned to shortcuts. With this fantastic utility you need never accidentally launch the wrong application by accident ever again. Shortcut Map is postcard-ware which means that if you like it and continue to use it, you should send a postcard to its creator Hai Li. See the Web site for an address.


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