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Windows 3.x Top for Windows Version 1.1 CARDWARE

    Top is an application intended to keep non-active windows visible all the time. If you run several applications at the same time, you may find it difficult to arrange all the windows, especially to keep non-active windows visible. Windows accessory clock program provides a useful feature: "Always On Top". Several other applications, such as Icon Hear It, DashBoard, WinZip, OnTop, Statline, SmartDrive Monitor, and so on, can keep themselves always on top by the same means. But some useful programs don't support this feature. So I wrote "Top" by which you can keep most windows always on top. VBRUN300.DLL is required.

    Release Date: Sept. 16,1995.

Download from here!(US Site, 18K)
Download from here!(China Site, 18K)

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