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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any tips about Change Case and are glad to share them with others, please let me know. I will publish your tips in the document of next version or my web pages.

Why Change Case seemed not to change all filenames to upper case?

Some users report that when they use Change Case to change the filenames to upper case, Windows Explorer shows filename with an initial capital and the rest is lower case after this change. In fact, this is NOT a bug of Change Case. This is a problem of Windows. If the length of folder/file name is less than or equal to 8 and the folder/file name is in upper case, Windows Explorer will display it with an initial capital. But if you use DIR command in MS-DOS prompt or in Netscape Navigator or FTP clients, you will see the filename is really upper case. This is designed by Windows. If you install Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, you can change the setting to view all uppercase filenames: 1. Double-click My Computer, and then click Folder Options on the View menu. 2. Click on the View tab, check Allow all uppercase names, and then click OK.

PRB: Change Case rearranges the order of the programs in Start/Programs

Change Case don't change anything but the file name case, but Windows 98 or Windows 95 w/ IE4 may wrongly think you want to reorder the Start Menu when you run Change Case to change filenames in Start/Program folder. There are two ways to resolve this problem.

How to change the startup directory

Everytime when Change Case starts, the default directory is the directory where Change Case is located. You can change startup directory in the shortcut to Change Case. Change the "Start in" directory to any folder in the shortcut property dialog.

Set default case option from command line.

You can save a case setting as default option. There is a new way to set default option from command line. If command line argument contains a case option without filename, e.g. Chgcase/u, Change Case will ignore the saved setting, and assume upper case option as the default one. So you can create several shortcuts to represent different case option.

FIX: Change Case minimizes when it starts up

Some users report Change Case v2.5 minimizes and can't be restored. Zeal SoftStudio confirm it is a bug of Change Case v2.5. This bug has been fixed in the version 3.0.

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